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If you want it clean, we can do it

Housecleaning &

Maid Service

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Make sure your business gives customers the right message.


Keep your place spick-and-span spotless!

Check our reference and see the results we have obtained.  Give us a try and a cleaning challenge...we are up for the task!

Why a cleaning service?

Do you remember walking into a clean Hotel room and how refreshed you felt?  Imagine coming home after work and your home gave you that same feeling by contrast to all the clean up you normally would be faced with.

We offer this service to people needing help getting their lives or businesses back on track.  Call us for all the details!

Wise Information
A wise man once what you do well and delegate the rest.  We clean very well and are ready to be your "go to" cleaners.

In today's fast paced life you need the time to unwind and relax.  We can remove that from you starting us and make a time to meet Kim!

Office (707) 925-3261
Cell (707) 974-4042

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